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mms-recyclingEnvironmental advantages to shrink wrap containment:

  • Shrink wrapped shelters can keep your project on schedule
  • Shrink wrap retains heat and stops wind, improving working conditions
  • Light passes through the film to reduce lighting cost during the day
  • Shrink wrap covers act like a greenhouse in the sun, warming up during the day, even in the middle of winter
  • Paint and insulation spraying can be done with more complete control of overspray and dust
  • Shrink wrap withstands wind and weather better than tarps and reduces labor cost due to repairs and maintenance

Recycling Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap should be recycled, not discarded to fill up our landfills. This plastic will last thousands of years and represents a large investment in processing and refining energy. Maine Mobile Shrinkwrap recycles all film we remove as well as all off-cuts and unused pieces of film left over after installing covers, bale the unused portion and then send it to a variety of recycling facilities to be turned into other plastic products.

Our cover removal and recycling service can save you disposal costs, and free up yard and marina personnel for other commissioning tasks. Your customers will appreciate responsible disposal of cover materials. We will remove covers and framing material provided a number of boats are available for uncovering at one time.

We can also arrange to remove clean plastic that has been removed by your in house crews. All hardware and flat weave string must be removed, and the film must be clean.

Maine Mobile Shrinkwrap accepts clean shrink wrap brought to our facility free of charge, and will also pick up well prepared material for recycling at your place of business for the cost of our travel and loading.

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