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As a service manager or yard owner, you know that the fall season in New England can be a busy time. We offer timely, fixed-cost solutions to your winter covering needs. As fully insured subcontractors, we travel to your yard when you have at least five boats ready for winter covers. Our team is fast, responsive and mindful of the special requirements of yachts and rigging. Shrink wrapping may be used to cover every boat in your yard or as a supplement to your in-house shrink wrapping crew. Our services help reduce your boatyard work list and allows you to concentrate on other services, confident that your boats will be covered on time* and on budget.

*The nature of cover installation requires a fair day without precipitation or high winds.

The Process:

First, a rigid frame constructed of 2×3 timber uprights and a 1×3 timber ridge pole is installed spanning the uprights from bow to stern. Strong nylon banding is tied from the ridge pole to suitable points on deck to stabilize the frame. A band of string is wrapped around the boat to form the bottom of the cover.

The protective layer of shrink wrap film is then applied over the frame and tucked under the band that runs around the boat. The plastic is heated and shrinks tightly around the framework, locking all the elements into a stiff unit that resists flapping and abrading the hull.

Finally, vents are installed to provide proper air flow. Zipper doors are an option and can be placed to allow access as needed.

We do not recommend covering boats with lifeline stanchions in place, as the snow loads put excessive pressure on the stanchion bases and can cause damage. We are not liable in any way for damage if lifeline stanchions are left in place.

Boats painted with two part paint finishes (Awlgrip) can be damaged by cover chafing. Paint manufacturers recommend indoor storage for yachts with high quality paint finishes.

For Larger Boats:

  • Sailboats can be covered with masts and rigging in place. This is more labor intensive, and there is an additional cost.
  • Large boats may be covered in the water. This is priced by the job.
  • Covers extending below the waterline will prevent fading in dark gel coat and protect wooden boats from drying out.
  • Clear covers are available for brokerage boats.
  • With some types of boats, the cover can be taped to the rub rail.
  • We can add additional framing and lifeline stanchion bracing if needed. Additional labor is billed on a time and materials basis.
  • We often install delivery covers for new boats being shipped. This guarantees that boats arrive with their owners in excellent condition.
  • Shrink wrap is perfect for covering production tooling and plugs for outdoor storage.
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