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Maine Mobile Shrinkwrap offers shrink wrap containment services for various industries.

Sand Blast
and Painting Projects


  • Shrink wrap has been used to contain many water towers in new England for repainting.
  • Shrink wrap creates an air tight envelope that other systems cannot achieve.



With proper dust collection machinery, shrink wrap can achieve a class A1 containment. An excellent solution for lead paint and asbestos abatement.

Weather Protection
for Winter Work


  • Keep construction projects on schedule by using shrink wrap staging.
  • Protect workers from wind and cold or summer heat.

Shrink wrap benefits

  • Retains heat and stops wind, improving working conditions.
  • Light passes through the film to reduce lighting cost during the day. Covers act like a greenhouse in the sun, warming up during the day, even in the middle of winter.
  • Paint and insulation spraying can be done with more complete control of overspray and dust.
  • Shrinkwrap gives a clean look to your project, with option for advertising or signage on outside. We can supply stencils of any logo or information to be applied to the cover.
  • Shrinkwrap withstands wind and weather better than tarps and reduces labor cost due to repairs and maintenance.
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